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Important Announcement Regarding Recent Events in AlJazeera State

In the beginning, we praise Allah, glorified and exalted, for every situation. We hope for His blessings of security and safety upon our country.
We extend our condolences on the loss of our college’s son and teaching assistant, Dr. Mohammed Yousif, who answered Allah’s call on Monday, December 18, while fulfilling his duty in serving patients with dedication to his values and ethics.

The college announces the resumption of its work in Port Sudan, under Allah’s assistance and guidance. It emphasizes its commitment to the stability of the academic year by continuing both online theoretical studies and practical clinical training in safe states. Students from training centers in the Jazeera state will be relocated to other centers under the supervision of program coordinators.

We urge students still in the process of completing their registration procedures to expedite them to ensure the opening of their accounts on the electronic platform. The college has established two hotlines for communication with students and their parents, addressing inquiries and providing answers. Its committees and council will remain in constant session to keep abreast of developments and align with the public interest.

May Allah safeguard the country and its people.
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