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Brief documentation of Professor Malik Badri

In commemoration of the beloved Prof. Malik Badri may he rest in peace.

He inspired so many spiritually and intellectually.

Malik Badri’s IIIT Titles

Malik Badri a distinguished and influential Sudanese professor of Psychology,` was  recognised widely for his profound contributions to the field of Psychology, Psychotherapy, Islamic Psychology and Clinical Psychology. His eminent career saw him serve as UNESCO Expert in Psychology Institute of Pedagogy, Ethiopia (1973–74), WHO expert in the Committee on Traditional Medical Practices (1980–84), as well as senior clinical psychologist in a number of hospitals. A qualified therapist, he served as Professor, Head of Department, Dean of Faculty and Acting Vice-Chancellor at various international universities including Professor of Psychology at Ahfad University, Sudan. Holder of the Ibn Khaldun Chair at the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, IIUM, Malaysia, he finally moved to Turkey where he worked at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University until his death. Professor Badri received a number of awards during his lifetime in recognition for his outstanding work and intellectual achievements including in 2003 the Zubair Prize for Academic Excellence, the highest academic award in Sudan. A man of deep faith and committed to his work, he travelled and participated in conference and other events, whilst also authoring numerous articles and books two of which include the best-selling Contemplation: A Psychospiritual Study reprinted several times in English and other languages, as well as Abu Zayd al-Balkhi’s Sustenance of the Soul: The Cognitive Behaviour Therapy of A Ninth Century Physician one of IIITs most requested and popular titles.

Malik Badri’s Previous Titles

Abu Zayd al-Balkhi’s Sustenance of the Soul

Al-Balki explains symptoms and treatments giving advice on preventive measures and how to return the body and soul to their natural healthy state. In doing so he displays a keen understanding of the human condition and the medical nature of the human emotional state. An astonishing feat given that many of the conditions he discusses were left largely unknown and untreated for centuries before being clinically defined as such, only as relatively recently as the 20th century. A genius, his insights on human psychopathology as well as diagnoses of psychological ailments including stress, depression, fear and anxiety, phobic and obsessive-compulsive disorders, together with their treatment by cognitive behavior therapy, relate to us in every way and are in sync with modern psychology. Importantly, they also incorporate a greater dimension to include the soul and the worship of God.

Contemplation an Islamic Psychospiritual Study









The human race is in crisis and very few of us – if any – are able to understand what is wrong with our lives and the world at large.

How did this happen and how did humans become so ‘disconnected’ with humanity?

In this powerful exploration into the human mind and its relationship with the human spirit, Malik Badri invites the reader to open the door to self-discovery, purpose and spirituality through the practice of contemplation, reflection and meditation – understanding the true meaning and experience of spirituality as well as one’s own place in Creation. Whilst central to worship in Islam, this will also be of great interest to, and help any reader wishing to explore the notion of spirituality whether as part of worship or simply as part of self development and inner healing.

Prof. Malik Badri titles in other Language

Norwegian: Sustenance of the Soul


Russian: Sustenance of the Soul


Ukrainian: Sustenance of the Soul


Azeri: Contemplation


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