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Bachelor Of Dental Surgery (BDS)




    Fees (2022-2023):

    5Years (10 Semesters)
    Khartoum Riyad almashtal street
    • Fees for the Sudanese :1,800,000 SDG +(  200,000 SDG Registration fees )
    • Fees for foreigners : 2,500 $ + (200$ Registration fees)

    The Mission:

        This program aims to qualify the students of Napata for the Bachelor’s degree in Dental Medicine and Surgery.

     Napata College has planned the optimal use of its human, institutional and material resources to provide its students with knowledge and skills that contribute to building their personalities to carry out their professional duties once they graduate with a high sense of responsibility, selflessness and love for others.

     In addition, Napata puts down to service the required research equipments and tools to encourage professors and their students to carry out Sudanese researches in medicine and health Dentistry. And that is to benefit from its results to contribute to improving the lives of citizens, their physical and psychological safety and their spiritual perfection.

    The Vision:

       The vision in Napata extends to an unlimited path. A vision that is characterised by a scientific ambition and  management with an efficient and sufficient qualification aiming to achieve the highest international quality certificates in less than eight years.  Over the next five years, the advanced academic pursuit will continue in a thoughtful development of educational activities to keep pace with the trends aiming at making these activities more student-centered and more fulfilling to the needs of society.

    Coordinator’s name:

     Dr.  Salma Ibn Omer Daii Al-Naim Mohamed

     The coordinator’s word:

     To promote oral and dental health by developing medical education and training in oral and dental health.

      Work fields:

    1. Conservative dental treatment

    2. Children’s dental treatment

    3. Treatment of gum disease and surgery

    4. Maxillofacial surgery

    5. Oral medicine

    6. Oral diseases

    7. Forensic medicine

    8. Oral and dental health

    9. Removale prosthodontics

    10. Fixed prosthodontics

    11. Cosmetic dentistry and laser