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Continuing Professor Malik Badri’s Legacy


Continuing Professor Malik Badri’s Legacy:

        When I first heard the news of the passing of our beloved teacher and guide “Baba Mailk” I was devastated. My heart felt like it dropped to my feet. I was overcome with deep sadness and a profound sense of loss. It was a tough day.In these past few days of reflection we have had a growing drive to actively honor Professor Badri’s legacy. We feel a himma to take the work of IAIP forward stronger than ever. It is as if his passing has created an awakening to what he represented. Not only for the further development of his work through the IAIP, but for the global ummah.There is an undeniable feeling that the world is in dire need of the knowledge and guidance from the Islamic tradition and the enormous potential for healing humanity that is found within the Islamic knowledge of the soul. With Professor Badri’s passing it has made it clear that now is the time to actualize his dream. He and I spent many long hours in conversation spanning many years discussing in detail his dreams and vision for the association. While it has been a blessing to see it come to life over the past 4 years, this has only been a drop in the bucket of what he envisioned, and what is possible with the foundation that he laid for us.

We must carry forward his legacy and bring into fruition his life’s mission, as this is the best way to truly honor his life. We need your support to do this.

While we at IAIP have been feeling that this is the time to push the association forward, we hadn’t yet resolved to take any action. However, it seems that the multitudes of students and other individuals who were profoundly affected by Professor Malik’s life and work also have felt this push and urgency to honor his legacy. We were contacted by several different people within the span of a few days expressing the same desire to put together a campaign to raise funds for the IAIP to continue Professor Badri’s legacy. It seems that the good people at Launch Good are among those who love Baba Malik and have lended their generous support to create a Legacy Campaign on their platform and have committed to pushing it forward to make it a success:

Let us band together in this moment to collectively continue Dr Malik’s Legacy.

Dr Abdallah Rothman

Executive Director, IAIP

A Call to Action

We need each one of you to share the link to the LaunchGood campaign with at least 5 people. The more viral it goes the more opportunity for substantial support. Please share on your social media accounts and spread the word as widely as possible. You can send and post the above image along with the link.

Even if people don’t wind up supporting financially, it will generate a larger awareness of Islamic Psychology and Professor Malik’s work to an audience that may never have come across it before.

How You Can Do More to Continue Dr Badri’s Legacy

We are putting out a call for volunteers to help grow the IAIP. In our member base we have a large number of extremely talented people who are dedicated to the development of this field. Each of you has resources and skills that could help support the mission and vision of the association. Whether it is money, time, connections, or technical know-how, if we pool our resources we can truly become more than the sum of our parts and make Dr Badri’s vision a reality.

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out this form to indicate what skills and resources you have to offer and how you would like to get involved:


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