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Bachelor Of Computer Science




    Fees (2022-2023):


    4 Years (8 Semesters)

    Khartoum Riyad almashtal Street

    • Fees for the Sudanese :

    • Fees for foreigners : 

    Coordinator’s name:

    Dr. Kawthar Abd-Allah

    In the BSc four years program in CS at Napata is designed to furnish students with an advanced understanding of the core concepts as well as the relevant skills required by an ever expanding market. In addition to the core requirements; courses include, among others, programming languages, algorithms, data bases and artificial intelligence. Interactive learning and electives are designed to add flexibility for each individual student to customize the academic interests and job interests of his choice. Needless to say that the major objective of our learning units is to prepare our graduates for the best jobs in software engineering, finance, management and other related fields.

    In addition, the curriculum is designed to promote a wide range of technical and organizational competences as well as an understanding of pivotal business dynamics.

    The program covers fundamental and advanced knowledge in core technologies such as systems integration, web systems, network architecture, database design, information security, programming and other supporting IT principles. Students shall also be encouraged to pursue future CS academic certificates, aligned to industry certifications, to support their career.

    Critical Thinking:

    It is the job of the entire Computer Sciences degree programs to teach its students to think critically. Every Computer Science course requires students to clarify their thoughts sufficiently so that those thoughts can be expressed in a form that a computer can carry out. The various courses in the program focus on different areas of critical thinking, but each has as its primary objective to teach students to think critically in that area.

    Programming a computer to perform complex operations is probably more demanding of critical thinking skills than almost any other activity.

    • To start with, before one can write a computer program to do something, one must understand what the program is hoped to accomplish.
    • This is often an extraordinarily difficult job, which requires quite sophisticated critical thinking skills.
    • Second, students must determine, in precise detail, how the required program writing tasks to accomplish.
    • Finally, students must express the required steps as a computer program. A computer program is a relentlessly precise text. Programming languages are interpreted more formally and literally than virtually any other language in existence. Syntax and semantics are rigidly defined. Everything must be correct for the program to operate properly.

    Accomplishing these steps successfully requires well earned and sophisticated critical thinking skills, skills that students are destined to develop through their studies in Computer Science at Napata.

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