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Napata College ranks second in Khartoum State according to the World University Rankings for Web Measurements

During the regular meeting of Napata College No. 30/2022 on 7/8/2022, The Dean of Napata College congratulated all the staff of the college on the great and noticeable progress in Webometrics World Classification of Universities, which is a semi-annual world classification issued in January and July of each year.

Napata College is now ranked second best amongst private colleges  in Khartoum State according to Webometric Classification.

He dedicated this success to the college family, which consists of the experienced college professors , qualified and distinguished youth cadres, academic students’ associations and all college employees, emphasizing that this progress is the highlight of the academic years full of giving and giving from everyone.
While Professor Muhammad Mustafa Al-Naqrabi, Vice Dean of the college, considered that this progress is due in proportion to the great effort in the college for continuous development and extended follow-up, stressing that this reflected positively on students who always strive for excellence.
During the same meeting, the international expert in the field of Information Technology, Prof. Awad Haj, stated that one of the most important metrics for ranking universities is the measurement using the websites of universities Webometric, due to its comprehensiveness and coverage of multiple criteria such as the societal impact, the faculty, Sudanese and expatriate students, the volume and quality of scientific research and transparency. and Research Excellence, and positively said that he expects the college’s ranking to rise in the upcoming measurements at the national, regional and international levels.
It is worth noting that Napata College has advanced 195 positions worldwide, 19 positions at the level of universities in the Arab world, and 16 positions at the level of North African countries, according to the classification Webometric International Ranking of Universities, which is based on a number of criteria, the most important of which are:
Scientific and academic literature needed by researchers and scholars.
Researches, Reports, Pictures and Maps published electronically under the scope of the college or university, proving that websites are the mirror of actual performance in various fields.

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