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The convoy of the Nursing Program for Al-Baqir Al-Qadam Region

The Nursing Science Program at Napata College held a health convoy for Al-Baqir region in Al-Jazirah State on Monday, 27/06/2022, and preparations were made for exhibitions, seminars and training courses on the same day.

During the second day, the exhibitions were opened, praise be to God, on Tuesday 06/28/2022 coinciding with the start of the nursing training course. The day ended with home visits to families in the evening of the same day. As for Wednesday and Thursday, there were home visits and training courses. Friday was dedicated to dental clinics (extraction – cleaning) and the closing day wasa day focusing only on treatment,which consisted of internal clinics, children, women and obstetrics, medical laboratories and pharmacy.
The convoy ended with a busy farewell from the people of Al-Baqir area, and the health convoy lasted for a duration of 7 days and included educational seminars, home visits, exhibitions, specialized clinics, two training courses on home nursing and first aid, and the treatment day in which the students of the first batch of nursing program did an extraordinary job, which was reflected on people of Al-Baqir.

Visits: 312