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The annual Ramadan’s ‘Iftar’ for International students

The annual Ramadhan’s ‘Iftar’ for International students The Department of Students’ Activity in Napata college has organized the annual Ramadhan’s ‘Iftar’ for international students on Monday, the eighth of Ramadan, May- 13- 2019, at the Gad Restaurant in Khartoum. The breakfast came as a result of the social touch communication and parental care for this important segment of students. Away from the bosom of the homeland and the warmth of… Read More »The annual Ramadan’s ‘Iftar’ for International students

Napata College Participation in Higher Education Exhibition

An exhibition about higher education and training has been held in khartoum on  13-15 th July 2017.A group of higher education institutes and training centers has participated in it.Napata College was a participant in the exhibition.The participation included introducing about the specializations available  in the college and guidance to the new college students about how to choose a university speciolization.

Beginning of Final Exams’ week!

Students of Napata college are beginning their final semester’s exam of the year 2016/2017. This morning students of Medicine ,Dentistry and Information Technology have been seated to their first exam.Examination will be from Saturday 13th-May-2017 until 25th-May -2017. Napata College family wishes the best of luck to all students .

Napata College Launches New Programs:Pharmacy and Laboratory Science

Napata College announces the launch of Pharmacy and Laboratory Sciences Programs for secondary school certificate holders for academic year 2016/2017 and below years, according to the regulations of Ministry of higher education and scientific research. For those who interested visit college premises in Khartoum :Alreyad- Mashtal Street.

Timetable of the new year 2016-2017

First year students timetable timetable-of-1st-year-2016-2017 Second year  Timetable -Faculty of Dentistry timetable-dentistry-2nd-grade Second year Timetable-Faculty of Medicine timetable-medicine-2nd-year  

Information Technology program activities

Information Technology (IT) students have started their 3rd semester by making two important visits: 1st one to Ministry of Communication and the 2nd one to Ashrooq channel in which they were exposed to most recent advanced technologies on their institutions.

Academic year 2016/2017 will commence on 5th November

Napata College has made all necessary preparations to start the academic year 2016/2017 on Saturday ,5th November for all classes:Medicine,Dentistry and Information Technology.Students are advised to be punctual and not miss any of their lectures as their attendance will be part of the academic performance.Students are also advised to study the calendar of the year as part of their plans to the first and second semester.Good luck and happy new… Read More »Academic year 2016/2017 will commence on 5th November

Beginning of first semester exams

Napata College students began  examinations for the first semester in 2015-2016 year.Exams between 14 February and 25 February.The administration wishes best of luck to all examiners.