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The annual Ramadan’s ‘Iftar’ for International students

The annual Ramadhan’s ‘Iftar’ for International students

The Department of Students’ Activity in Napata college has organized the annual Ramadhan’s ‘Iftar’ for international students on Monday, the eighth of Ramadan, May- 13- 2019, at the Gad Restaurant in Khartoum. The breakfast came as a result of the social touch communication and parental care for this important segment of students. Away from the bosom of the homeland and the warmth of the family, but they are in the care and custody of their second family, the family of the Napata College.

Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Ali Hamad, the secretary of student’s activity of Napata College, paid the spirit of perseverance for the achievement of the education of foreign students.

It is worth noting that this year’s ‘Iftar’ is prepared only for the students of the first and second levels, as the students of the third and fourth levels in the college have been in their yearly vocational at this time.

It is worth mentioning that Napata College embraces students from a number of sisterly countries, notably Egypt, South Sudan, Chad, Somalia, Nigeria and Burma, as well as medical, surgical, dental, and pharmacy programs.

The students expressed their appreciation and pride of this interest and care of the college, stressing that all efforts are made for success and excellence.