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Napata College’s Impact Program

The Impact Program

The idea of the program: a creative development program aimed at implanting voluntary work in college students.

The objectives of the program:

— Raise awareness among college students about voluntary work.

— Increase students’ cognitive and skill outcomes.

— Train students to develop themselves.

— Enlighten and sensitise students to the role of the doctor in society.
— Enlighten students by relying.

• Opening of the program:

— The program opened on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

— The opening was attended by the dean of the college, the secretary of scientific affairs, representatives of the medical program, and a number of professors and administrators.

— Enlighten students on the accreditation program

The following were the workshops that were held in the program:

1- On the first day, the workshop introduced the structure and offices of the association and the ethics of public work.

2- On the second day, the Postgraduate Pathway workshop, Dr. Fatima Abu Zar, was the presenter of this workshop, as well as the academic accreditation workshop, where Dr. Rudaina Ahmed Al-Sarraj was the presenter.

3- And on the third day, the Communication Skills workshop took place and Dr. Amal Abdullah was the presenter of this workshop. Another workshop was the Effective Study Methods workshop in which student Osman Mubarak spoke.
In conclusion, there were four workshops, the most important of which was the relationship of academic achievement, public and voluntary work, and the workshop on how to write the student’s curriculum vitae and write reports.

— Attending the program were more than 150 students from different levels and faculties attended the program. The program has won wide satisfaction and acceptance from everyone that attended.

Visits: 314