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The Meeting of Napata Research and Innovation Center (02/2023)

The Meeting of Napata Research and Innovation Centre

Napata Third Scientific Conference – Winter 2023:
In its 48th meeting the Council Napata Research and Innovation Centre chaired by Prof Hassan Abu Aisha decided to hold the Third Scientific Conference in the fourth, fifth and sixth of December 2023 in Khartoum which includes many research papers the most important of which are:
1. Environment: governance and administrative reform.

2- Environment and institutional reform

3- Environmental issues of land use (urban- agricultural-industrial)

4- Food and water safety and insecurity

5- Environmental; biological; physical; or chemical hazards

6- Water resources management and climatic change

7- Taming al Gash River

8- Resilience of agrarian communities facing flood hazards

9- Red sea coastal communities: environmental issues

10- Deforestation /desertification/ pastures and social strife

11- Plastic pollution

12- Air pollution

13- Biodiversity loss

14- Degrading plant covers and pastures

15- Environmental behavior and education

16- Finance of research on environmental conservation and social accountability.

17- Environmental health hazards (NCDs mortality, prevalence, and incidence, seasonal and demographic pattern)

18- Climatic changes regional and global issues International

19- Electromagnetic radiation and heath

20- Control of cancer causing chemicals

21- Environmental hazards  of gold mining ( problems & solutions )

Visits: 50