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Successful Medical Mission to Elrawakeeb Valley-Omdurman

In an attempt to improve rural health care quality service Napata College team led a medical mission to rural west Omdurman area.Wadi Elrawakeeb (Elrawakeeb Valley) was the destination for this medical mission.The mission was held 3 days there.

Medical program staff as well as Managment staff participated and coordinated  8 various clinics consisting of consultants, specialists, deputies and general doctors for :

-Surgery Clinic
– Esoteric Clinic
-Pediatrics Clinic
-Women’s and Obstetrics Clinic
– Dermatology Clinic
-Mental Health Clinic

-Ophthalmology Clinic
– Public health Clinic

In addition to community health education and education.

From Day 1:

From day 2:

From day 3:

Visits: 158