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Huda elzubair

New Workshop:Principal Skills of Teamwork ,Leadership and Communication.

Napata College is pleased to invite audience for a new workshop under the title :Principal Skills of Teamwork,Leadership and Communication . The workshop will be presented by: Dr.Mohamed Hamza Z.E Seead Ahmed. M.B.B.S., M.Sc., Ph.D. For 28 training hours the workshop will be covering the following topics: 1-Building productive teams:Paving the way for effective leadership and membership. 2-Essensials of interpersonal and intercultural communication. 3 – 10 /February / 2021 Tergeted… Read More »New Workshop:Principal Skills of Teamwork ,Leadership and Communication.

Gallery from the newcomer students party.

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Best Tips for a Successful Magazine

Good ideas don’t require proper planning or schedule; nor do they benefit from exhaustingly long meetings and conversations with management. They emerge from experiments, from playing around with things that you care about, things to which you have an emotional attachment. And quite often they need a creative chaotic environment to flourish and grow. However, the path from an idea to a tangible product is full of failures, and it’s… Read More »Best Tips for a Successful Magazine

Famous quotes from our students

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University speech by Steve Jobs

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Dentistry Program Questionnaire

PreClinical Oral Surgery Preclinical Prosthodontics Dental Material Preclinical Conservation Preclinical Fixed Prothodontics Periodontics Dental Material Research Methodology And Bio-statistics Microbiology Lecture Microbiology lab Oral Pathology Pre Clinical Prosthodontics Lab Visits: 283

Medical Laboratories Questionnare

Students of Medical Laboratories Program are invited to fill out courses’ evaluation forms. 1-Microbiology – Theory. 2-Microbiology – lab. 3-Haematology Theory. 4-Haematology Lab. 5-Immunology Theory. 6-Immunology Lab. 7-Chemical Pathology Theory. 8-Chemical Pathology lab. 9-Parasitology Theory. 10-Parasitology lab. 11-Pathology Theory. 12-Pathology lab. 13-English Language.   Visits: 258

Medical Laboratories Evaluation Forms

Students of Medical laboratories Sciences are invited to fill out these evaluation forms .This is one of  processes that  improves the academic performance in Napata College. 1-Medical Physics 2-Physiology 3-General Chemistry 4-Anatomy 5-Computer Science 6-اللغة العربية 7-lab Mathematics 8-English Language Visits: 272

Pharmacy Students’ Academic Performance Survey

Napata College is attempting to ensure academic excellence,there for we invite pharmacy students to paricipate in semister 2 survey as follows: Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry Lab English Language Computer Science Mathematics Gross Anatomy اللغة العربية Pharmacognostical Pharmacognostical lab Pharmamaceutics Pharmacognostical Lab Visits: 155

New Academic Year 2016/2017 Begins!

Napata College is pleased to announce it’s new academic year 2017/2018.Senior Students enrolled in Information Technology,Medicine,Dentistry,Pharmacy and Medical Laboratories began their first week of studying on 19th of August 2017.First year students will start their first year in college later on November 2017. Students are advised to attend all their lectures and labs as their attendance will be a part of their assessment. Napata Staff family wishes students all the… Read More »New Academic Year 2016/2017 Begins!

Napata College Participation in Higher Education Exhibition

An exhibition about higher education and training has been held in khartoum on  13-15 th July 2017.A group of higher education institutes and training centers has participated in it.Napata College was a participant in the exhibition.The participation included introducing about the specializations available  in the college and guidance to the new college students about how to choose a university speciolization. Visits: 167

Beginning of Final Exams’ week!

Students of Napata college are beginning their final semester’s exam of the year 2016/2017. This morning students of Medicine ,Dentistry and Information Technology have been seated to their first exam.Examination will be from Saturday 13th-May-2017 until 25th-May -2017. Napata College family wishes the best of luck to all students . Visits: 155

Napata College Launches New Programs:Pharmacy and Laboratory Science

Napata College announces the launch of Pharmacy and Laboratory Sciences Programs for secondary school certificate holders for academic year 2016/2017 and below years, according to the regulations of Ministry of higher education and scientific research. For those who interested visit college premises in Khartoum :Alreyad- Mashtal Street. Visits: 356

Suggested Mobile’s Applications

In this post we share our favorite mobile applications (apk) with you, and we wish you suggest yours.   Ayat (آيـــات هو برنامج قرآني شامل بمميزات فريدة يدعم أغلب أنظمة التشغيل ومترجم لأشهر اللغات العالمية. وتم استخدامه على أكثر من 1,000,000 جهاز حاسب حول العالم.) Translate between 103 languages by typing WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones. Do you lose your phone regularly at… Read More »Suggested Mobile’s Applications

Semester’s 3 Questionnaires

Medical students can participate in questionnaires about all subjects below : English language III Principles of Microbiology (Prof. Alkarsani) Principles of Microbiology (Dr.Nuha) Principles of Pathology (Dr. Mohammed Ahmed) Principles of Pathology (Dr. Namarig) Biochemistry II (Dr. Nada) Biochemistry II (Lab) Physiology II (Dr. Muhaned) Physiology II (Dr.Sara) Physiology II (Dr. Mazin)  Dental students can participate in questionnaires about all subjects below : Head & Neck (Anatomy) (Dr. Shazli) Head & Neck (Anatomy) (Dr.Omer Tag-elsir)… Read More »Semester’s 3 Questionnaires

Semester’s one questionnaires

Medical & Dental students can participate in questionnaire about all subjects below : Anatomy Arabic Language English Language Islamic Studies Computer Science Human Biology Chemistry Physics Mathematics IT  students can participate in questionnaire about all subjects below : Arabic Language English Language Islamic Studies Computer Science Mathematics Economic Fundamentals IT Fundamentals Visits: 149